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The businesses that support the Montana Gaming Research and Education Fund paid for billboards to be placed in the state's largest cities to alert those who might encounter problems controlling their gambling that help is available.

What is the Montana Gaming Research and Education Fund?

The Montana Gaming Research and Education Fund is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation funded by business associations and individual businesses with an interest in conducting research and disseminating information about businesses licensed to offer adult beverages and legal gaming, with an emphasis on public concerns and social problems associated with these products and services.

The group has funded extensive research on public opinion and economic impacts, has disseminated to the public much of that information, and has undertaken numerous programs and public service campaigns to mitigate the problems a few may experience with a compulsive or pathological use of the products and services offered by licensed businesses.

Rich Miller of Helena is the group's chairman and treasurer.

  Using this link will give you access to over one hundred articles, reports and documents that cover every aspect of business and social issues surrounding legal gambling in Montana. Much of this information is scoured from business journals, studies and government sources that do not have wide public circulation. This is an unparalleled and unique source of information that may provide visitors with a fresh perspective.  
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